Transportation Summit 2012

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Go “Beyond Mobility” at the 2012 CNU Transportation Summit

Registration for the summit is open now, and is just $250 for CNU members and $300 for non-members.
Members and friends of CNU can register for Pro-Walk/Pro-Bike at the special CNU rate of only $595.

Read John Norquist’s interview with Project for Public Spaces on the Upcoming Summit

The 2012 CNU Transportation Summit will held in Long Beach, CA September 9-10, 2012. This will be a working meeting for a day-and-a-half that will advance CNU’s Project for Transportation Reform and facilitate the exchange of ideas and lessons between New Urbanists and bike and pedestrian planners.

The meeting will start at 2PM PST on Sunday, September 9, 2012 and will go until 5PM PST on Monday, September 10, 2012. The Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference will start right after CNU’s Transportation Summit on the evening of Monday, September 10 and continue through Wednesday, September 12.

Transportation Summits are meetings where experts gather to challenge the status quo of transportation engineering and advance the practice of new urbanist street design. Previous meetings have conceptualized projects such as CNU’s Highways-to-Boulevards initiative, the development of the CNU/ITE Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares manual, the creation of the Sustainable Street Network Principles, and the formation of the Street Vitality Index.

The 2012 Transportation Summit is an opportunity to present ideas and work towards reforming transportation standards that obstruct urbanism. In Long Beach, CNU will convene a group to directly challenge the dysfunctional Functional Classification System.
The summit will have a unique format, wherein groups will work together to confront the limitations of the Functional Classification System and strategize to implement new urbanist street design techniques that go “Beyond Mobility.”

Over the day-and-a-half meeting, these working groups will compile a cohesive to-do list for the future, as well as an immediate work plan for the next year. Please review all of CNU’s reforms within the Project for Transportation Reform in preparation for the meeting.

The Working Groups for the Transportation Summit 2012

  • Transit Networks
  • Highways to Boulevards
  • Transportation Reform Modeling
  • Regional Policy and Functional Classification Reform
  • Transportation Reform Research Agenda
  • Bikeway Networks
  • Street Vitality Index

Materials for the 2012 Transportation Summit:



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